Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Saga Continues

I could stand it no longer. In spite of Joel's urging that repeatedly contacting our jeweler of said rings would only make matters worse...I had to, I really did. I really, really, really could stand it no longer.

And so, I wrote:

Being in love with an artist who has a broad stroke of perfectionism in his being, I know that pestering you is probably the worst possible thing to do. So please don't feel as if I'm being pestersome- but, we are leaving next week to go to a family reunion of sorts...and I would really, really love to be legitimately engaged by then.
For the sake of there not being another family photo where I am left out- or forced to stand on the very edge "just in case anything happens" so they can clip me out...
For the sake of God and country and all things we may mutually hold dear....
Please tell me these have shipped. Or something. 
I deeply respect the space and time you need as an artist to complete your work with the highest of standards.
Thank you,
12 April 2011 8:29pm EDT

To my surprise, he replied within the hour! And this is what he said:

I sincerely apologize for the delay. Your rings are going to ship via overnight Express Mail tomorrow. When I arrive back tomorrow morning, I will post a picture of the rings so you know I am not blowing smoke :)
You will have them in time. I promise.
12 April 2011 8:52pm EDT

Oh joy of joys! I could hardly contain myself:

Oh, my dear, I could kiss you!
Except, I'm very soon to be engaged, so I'm afraid it would be terribly inappropriate. 
12 April 2011 8:53pm EDT

And his response:

12 April 2011 8:55pm EDT

For the sake of accuracy, the family reunion is actually Joel's Aunt's wedding- which I am so very excited to go to. His mom, her offspring, and his mom's sister are truly incredible, wonderful people that are just a blast to hang around. I don't think I could be around them for ten whole minutes without completely spilling the beans on our upcoming bash, so I'm glad that I won't be spilling the beans and everyone will know fair-and-square prior to our journey up north.

And, furthermore, I have never been left out of any family photo or encouraged to stand along the side of any family photo. Both sides of his family have been most gracious and inclusive in such things.

But, it makes for a better read than:

Holy S***birds! Where the heck are those rings you promised, you bum!?!?!?!

I am so tense with condense anticipation that even my earlobes are beginning to ache with excitement. I am so bad at keeping secrets.

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