Saturday, April 9, 2011

Invitation Banner!

While waiting for those rings to come, Joel and I have been working on our invites.

Instead of spending $6 for a formal invitation that you all will probably throw in the trash anyway, we decided to do something a little different. Using the wonderful printing of our favorite print source- we'll be sending out postcards with use two goofing off and holding a giant red banner designating the date of said weddingfest.

Joel has been a gracious help in the whole process; anyone who knows me knows my artistic direction can be a bit vague. It was nice to have all of the materials on hand though. I told him I wanted a "large, tattoo-like banner with something on it". The results have been pretty awesome so far.

 It was really swell that the whole thing didn't cost us a dime. We harvested a large piece of plywood from the warehouse that the former owner had used as a very poorly supported makeshift door.

 Here's Joel puzzling over how exactly to make such a vague suggestion come to life.

 Ta-da! Banner! All cut out with the jigsaw. The thing is pretty heavy, so we've decided that after the photo session, we'll also use it out front of the building as a sign designating the location on the big day.
Not quite finished with the painting yet- but I'm really excited!

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