Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marriage and Taxes

Out of all the well-wishes and jubilant happiness showered upon us so far, I must share this.

It so happens that our announcement fell during the equally urgent, less significant holiday of Tax season. Whereby which I found myself frequently on the phone with my accountant, who happens to be a very good girlfriend. While our conversations were primarily communicative on cinching up deductions, clarifying business deposits, so on and so forth- they we peppered with the squealing excitement of two little girls in the way that only little girls can be excited about a wedding.

Enter to said conversation:

"Is that all you need?" I ask.

"I think so, I have the routing number and checking number to get those submitted and paid. Oh, did you follow that link I sent to get your Federal PIN number?"

"No I haven't, but I'm right here at the computer. Did you attach it to the email?"

"No...the link is actually the work that says 'link'."

"Oh geesh, I'm so blind. I swear, my mind is running a million miles an hour in a million different directions."

"I know, isn't it sooooo romantic? (absolutely no trace of sarcasm here- the tone could have been copied straight from any Disney princess movie)"

"What, taxes?" Obvious confusion on my end. I'm trying to multitask clicking through the form of the Federal website for that PIN before she gets off the phone.

"Yes, of course! This is the last year you'll be filing as a single. *sigh*"

You, my dear, just make my day with your completely geeky sense of romantics. I do think I will be laughing over that one for quite a while. <3

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  1. Glad you were amused!

    Next year will be just as exciting as the first time you file "married"