Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ooo! I get to dress like a girl!

Said wedding is still a good ways off- but I'm just beginning the search for "the dress".

I don't know what I'm looking for yet. But, I've narrowed it down to a few specifications:

1. The dress has to be, must be, something that I would wear again.

There's no reason why a big occasion- especially one as big as a wedding- can't be an excuse to buy yourself something totally awesome that you've always wanted. After I fall in love with something, I wear it until it is a little scrap of a threadbare napkin held together by safety pins precariously clinging off my form. I really want to find a dress that I'm crazy about.

Besides, I can't think of anything more romantic than going out on a date with your husband years after you're married looking fantastic in your wedding dress. Of course he's going to be sitting across the table or dancing with your around the floor thinking, "Damn if I wasn't an extraordinarily lucky guy!" Perhaps that's it- I'm not looking for a Wedding Dress but The Amazing Dress I Wore On My Wedding.

2. The dress needs to be tea-length. 

Or shorter- not one of those full length, trails behind you for miles things. I do enjoy those sorts of dresses, but I'm getting married in the afternoon in the summer. This is just a practical specification.

3. The dress can't be black.

Or, primarily black. I love black, it can have black in it. Most of the pieces in my wardrobe that I love to death are black. And, while I don't think anyone's going to throw a fit about me not necessarily wearing something mainly white- I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get away with black. White, cream, blue, turquoise, red, purple, pink, and green are all in the running. Probably not orange or yellow.

That's about all I have for now. I've spent days searching online for cool dresses- and I've found a slew that  will not be The Amazing Dress I Wore On My Wedding....but that I someday would love to own. Here's a few for you:

By CuriouslyAlice. Duponi Silk....and sexy theatrical historical goodness. What else can you say?

By Ouma. I don't think I would ever take this off- I'd just run around the schoolhouse all day pretending to be a mysterious magician's assistant or some other form of a runaway carny. I'd probably be pulling coins out of peoples ears instead of getting any real work done. 

By Miss Brache. For my inner punk rocker. Look at those cute little ruffles on the behind! Ah!!!

By CheriseDesign. This is actually something very much like what I would like to get married in- girly, adorable, vintage inspired. I love petticoats, too. The problem is that the fabric just isn't quite right for the occasion- and even when I order fabric samples, I just can't envision what the dress would look like enough to make a good choice.

Perhaps, after going around to a few places and trying stuff on, I'll end up looking for a seamstress. It's all still up in the air.

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  1. If you want to get exactly what you want for a reasonable price, you should talk to my friend Rachel. She went to HS with us & made my & a few other friends' wedding gowns. She was recently featured on the offbeatbride site (not counting her links in my feature about Paul's & my wedding on there)... I think you'd get along with her! :)