Friday, July 22, 2011

For the sake of sanity and time!

Just a quick little note here...

...I know it's an awful taboo to talk about gifts and such, but I thought ya'll might like to know that I am decent in the ways of the kicthen. I happen to be responsible for cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Milton- which really isn't too much of a problem- except that our kitchen happens to be missing a few things that could make life a heckuva lot easier.

For example, I have been using a single 1/4 cup measuring cup for all of my baking for the last seven months...because somewhere between college and here, all of the other matching cups have gone AWOL. Same with measuring spoons. My cobbler turned out swell yesterday, but having to measure everything in approximations of tablespoons or 1/8 tsp is a little bit of a pain in the rumpus.

So, if you are worried about gifting kitchen stuffs because you think we might already have it, please do not worry. I've been forbidden to remedy any of my kitchen woes until post wedding because Joel thinks it would be just horrible to have to return something I really needed, that you were generous enough to give, but that I was not patient enough to wait to receive.

Thus, unlike the poor sad bride above who doesn't need much more than a microwave, a gladware bowl, and a husband who is content to smile through endless meals of Chow Mein...I would love a meat thermometer, a real live cookie pan, or anything else from our registry at Target.

If you are on Joel's side, look at this as a selfless plea to better survive Joel's endless appetite for quiche and duck rather than a blatant wish list. Anyone from my side can look at it as a wish list, because I'm pretty sure you are just happy I got the link out there. :-)

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