Monday, August 15, 2011


On a happier note, I cannot express how absolutely THRILLED I am for our big Saturday shindig. Among many reasons, these are the ones that elate me:

1. The sheer diversity of people. I am overwhelmed with the purest of joy to realize how many, and how many different, people who have chosen to come together to be with us during this time. To share such an occasion and to feel the love and support of so many is a blessing. To know further that the party will be a barrage of every facet of our culture, coming together to have an awesome time...well, that's just awesome! We'll have mohawks and long denim skit types. Uber intellectual liberals. Uber intellectual conservatives. Office types, carny workers, artists, moms, mom artists, skinny people, big people,  little people, old folks....all hanging around, enjoying a hamburger, hitting a pinata. Yup. Awesome.

2. The gift of people. So, we're starving artists, and I fully understand wanting to contribute to this awesome thing but being broke. It's actually wonderful. So many people have sheepishly come up to us and said, "I wish I could give you something but I don't have any money. Can I help set up/clean up/do something?" To this we reply a hardy Heck Yes! Your gift will be one of sanity, of peace, of incredible party without incredible stress. Thank you sooo much, in advance, to the great number of people who have allowed us to draw on their talents and sheer helpfulness. The Alton Undead has even offered to do their freak show act that night! Which, I don't want to reveal too much of, but anything involving stilts and staples is just rad.

3. Potluck. You did realize that invite said "and a dish to share" didn't you? clever. You didn't know you'd have the perfect excuse to make your kick ass caramel brownie bars or your scrumptious potato salad, did you? Well, you do now. With ratio of food snobs to non-food snobs RSVPed to our Saturday party, how can I not be excited. Something tells me that this party will be  veritable cornucopia of  tasty.

4. Sunday Brunch. There is something about waking up to a Milton-sized houseful of partied out people that makes me smile. Orange juice and ibuprofen, anyone?

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