Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Sudoku

Joel, having a much larger percentage of the wedding party to please, was thereby appointed to come up with a table layout that would make the most people happy. Round tables seating six? eight? ten? One very long table? an "E" shaped table? As of yesterday, it was decided that a "U" might make things best for our intimate catered family dinner following the afternoon ceremony.

Of course, having only six people that I would be responsible to be concerned about in this process...and all of them fairly easy to please...I immediate dove into the world of table arrangements and napkin colors.

With brow furrowed, Joel stared out the window- wondering if it should really be a "U". Maybe it should be a capital "T". Or, maybe round tables indeed.

This was rather frustrating to me. In the eight hours he had been doubting his decision, I had already been making inquiries and tentative commitments to the quantities of succulents I would need for my master runner-of--contemporary-greenery concept. Nay! His table layout was wonderful, perfect- inspired, even!

So, to convince him, I created something of a Family Sudoku board. I placed it out as best as I could on the dinner table. Ta-da! He came over and said, "Hmm...that is a nice table layout." and began to rearrange the names. After a few, "Oh, hmm, maybe..."s and a couple of, "definitely not!"s, we came up with several possible seating arrangements.

In the meantime, I am very excited about table arrangements. Excited to make something worthy of on of my first business idols, Casey Cooper, the talent and entrepreneur (now retired) who began the incredible Chicago event floral company Botanicals- the company who I had the honor of being their very first ever intern after persuading her that having an intern to begin with, me in particular, was a fantastic idea.

Whether or not she recalls me, whether or not she believes that having me as an intern (or interns at all!) was a good idea, I had a fantastic time the summer I spent there. Watching Quentin create Manzanita chandeliers strewn with exotic orchids, seeing fruity Jesse running about in silk shirts and freaking out over "these napkins are pink! I specifically ordered rose!", that one designer whose name I can't remember who got really angry at me and almost got me thrown out. Most of all, the gorgeous arrangements. The floating pool arrangement for the yacht party of that one Chicago Bear's player. The photos from Oprah's 50th birthday. The wedding set up we did for some rich gal's wedding at the Planetarium right on the lake.


I suppose I still hold a place in my heart for the floral industry, even if I wasn't cut out for the drama it would take to be a successful business owner in it.

I have a brilliant idea for table centerpieces. Stunning. Modern. Covertly frugal and "green" without sacrificing any of the elegance and creative uniqueness. I didn't even steal it from anyone! (originally, I had intended to steal the concept for some arrangements I remember creating at Botanicals- but I came up with a better idea)

Flowers. Joel hardly knows that I've been planning my wedding flowers for the last five years.

Casey Cooper- you may never read this- but you're going to be proud.

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