Thursday, May 5, 2011

Leaps and Bounds ahead!

My mom came down to visit this week to help me spend a day making a dent in the warehouse- and filling the gymnasium for our upcoming all-you-can-carry sale. But there were more unexpected surprises in store.

She arrived when I had stepped out to the post office, and I knew something was up the moment I walked in the door. Joel was grinning and before the "hellos!" were even made, someone announced that we were going shopping for our first wedding gift- electrical supplies!

With the financial support from gracious eBayers Donna Hathecoat and Pamala Hammond, I was already ecstatic to have been able to purchase the can lights. Joel and I bought them late last week- thinking that if I worked hard on the shops, perhaps, maybe, possibly, by the time he installed them we would have saved enough to by the wire to run between them. And then, maybe, after that, we'd have saved the money to by the wire to go to the breaker box. It seemed feasible.

But, my family just completely gave us the resources to work full speed on the rooms downstairs for the next three weeks- giving us a HUGE head start on the two gorgeous rooms that will be used for our reception/party....and then later in October for our first art show.

Not moments after I had walked in were we all skipping back out. Joel spent at least thirty minutes combing the aisles of Lowe's with the talented Dan Mustain's detailed parts list (Dan owns Midwest Electric, and is our resident go-to man for all things electrical). We even had enough in the budget for some new electrical tools (wire strippers, etc)- as the ones we were working with were leftovers from the school and just not really that fantastic.

A great many warm and astounded "thank yous!" to my Mom and Dad, to my Aunt Dj and Uncle Ken, and to Uncle Garrett, who pooled their resources to give us this most welcome gift. It's probably the strangest wedding gift you all will ever give- but I can tell you that it'll be the most appreciated, too.

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