Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My apologies for not having updating this in a while- there have been a lot of wedding related things going on around here, but with only 89 days to go, I've been so busy! So, here's to Lizzie and Uncle Ken, who both inquired when this all would be updated. I hope to post several exciting things within the next week.


For the last two days, I've been visiting my family back in Springfield. I have to say, Joel and I are super lucky to have so many talented and helpful people in our lives- especially when it comes to trying to throw a wedding with our own cash! Joel has been working his magic trying to cater a wonderful meal for our small wedding party on Saturday, borrowing and trading and bartering with all of his might. We've been granted permission to borrow table cloths and silverware from a local restaurant, which is just awesome. We we allowed to borrow napkins, too...but I wasn't really into the white napkins on a white table cloth thing. There has to be some color!

I looked around for some time to find affordable, good quality napkins. My conclusion: inexpensive napkins means cheap napkins. You know, those annoying things that are made with polyester instead of linen and smear stuff around instead of soaking up...or napkins that have been cut industrially without care so that the first time you wash them they completely turn into a trapezoid that is impossible to fold again.

Well, since we intend on having a bar downstairs sometime, having other parties eventually, hosting other events at some point...napkins seemed like a good investment. So what do you do when you can possibly spend $200-$350 on decent napkins?

You do what any girl would. You call mom.

My sewing skills are limited at best- but my mom has had a bit of experience over the years. With me behind the ironing board, carefully folding in the salvage and ironing over the hem, and her whizzing them through the machine, we made 28 beautiful linen napkins that are not only cut right- but they are super pretty colors and larger than standard napkins (ooh! fancy!).

We still have a few left to go, we wanted to make enough napkins to allow for some clumsy drops on the floor (I have a habit of dropping napkins, yes)- and to decorate the dessert table.

For those of you asking about wedding colors, here's a little sneak peak. There are actually five (or six or seven) colors- but here is the fabric we are using for napkins:

Aren't those lovely? Did I mention these napkins came out looking totally professional? Yeah, take that CB2! Mom's awesome.

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  1. YAY napkins! Those are lovely! Way to DIY at the last minute! You should write up a longer DIY tutorial with your mama and post it to offbeat bride! (for a not-yet-bride I am obsessive). Also, I have an invite to which is the BEST planning, bookmarking, collection of cool things site I have ever seen! If you aren't yet a member, email me and I will send you an invite so you can check it out! :)

    I am glad you updated and look forward to future posts! :)