Monday, March 14, 2011

I know something you don't know!!!

The karma for having talked about getting married for two years is that, immediately upon placing the ring order, we knew that without something sparkly- no one would believe us.

All right, some people might believe us. But others wouldn't. So, we had three options:

1. Tell everyone and deal with the raised eyebrow from the skeptical side...perhaps running around with the printed copy of invoice for the rings for validity.

2. Tell the people who would believe, and have the people who wouldn't believe us get angry when they find out they weren't told at the same time everyone else was.

3. Tell no one, and wait 4-6 excruciating weeks to make the announcement.

"We aren't telling anyone until the ring get here, okay?" Joel looks at me with a stern face. I shake my head up and down solemnly. He walks into the kitchen, believing that I really just agreed to tell not a single soul about said wedding.

Well, I kinda agreed. But what I really agreed to was something like, "Don't tell anyone who would tell the people who wont believe us without a ring."

It's a dangerous game to play. But, I'm a girl. OMG! OMG! I'm getting married! >squeee!< OMG! OMG! OMG!

Yeah, so how are you going to keep a humongously amazing, enormously awesome secret like that? To yourself?!?! Not telling a SINGLE SOUL?

So, I told my girlfriend, as mentioned in the last post. I told her because she lives on the other side of the continent, because she has no personal connections with any of our family or local friends. I had to tell someone, surely you can admit me that one little indiscretion.

I think I told our new tenant, too. Oh, and our electrician knows. I may have also told the lady sitting next to me at the networking event I was invited to by our new tenant.

And then there's the "I didn't say anything about a wedding but I think there's is going to be a special event at Milton this year....wink wink, nudge nudge."

Yeah, I may have done one of those to my mom. And maybe my sister. And maybe Joel's mom. But, I swear by the powers vested in me, on the fur of my favorite orange cat, that "wedding" was not ever used in conversation with the aforementioned people.

I don't think.

Ok, well, maybe I don't swear- but I pinky promised that I didn't mean to say anything if I did, and, it soon wont be a big deal anyway. Our rings said "4-6 weeks" to delivery and it's already been four weeks. At any given moment, the whole world will know and they'll all be so happy that no one will care if anyone knew before anyone else.


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  1. Your friend feels very priviledged to be involved and sooo excited! Also glad she can be publicly excited now!